Settings Saved

Any changes made to your settings have now been saved, and will stay with your Swiftpoint GT.
Move the underside switch to the ON (right) position to start using your mouse.

Restart Configurator Go to

Please turn off 'Edge Gesture'

You must turn off 'Edge Gesture' before using the Swiftpoint Manager App.

Start the configurator by holding the rear click button for 5 seconds
Go to customise settings
Go to set edge gesture
Set edge gesture to "off"

Hold rear click for 5 seconds

If you have already turned off 'Edge gesture', download the application below

Download Swiftpoint Manager

How to configure the mouse Settings in your GT - Step 2

During configuration mode the mouse pointer will not be visible, only the
scrollwheel and mouse buttons can be used to navigate the configure menus.

To start configuration mode
Move the underside switch to the OFF (left) position,
then to the CONFIG (center) position and then:

Hold rear click for 5 seconds.

To exit configuration mode, move the switch underneath to the on position,
or select exit from the menus.

How to configure the mouse Settings in your GT - Step 1

Use the scrollwheel to cycle through the menus
Click the front button to choose an item.
Click the rear button to go back up a level. Try it below

  • Configurator Demo
  • Sample Menu Item A
  • Sample Menu Item B
  • Sample Menu Item C
  • Sample Menu Item D
  • Sample Menu Item E
  • Sample Menu Item F
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To configure the settings on your mouse,
start by holding down the rear click button.
Hold rear click for 5 seconds
Updating your settings stored in your Swiftpoint GT for the first time?
Start Walkthrough

Mouse movement is now LOCKED during configure mode

Use the Scrollwheel to move up and down the list

Left click (front), to choose the item

Right click (rear) to return to previous item

To exit configuration mode and save settings, switch mouse to ON position